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Volkswagen Golf Repair-

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Paintless Dent Repair Buffalo NY Volkswagen Golf

In today’s video, Colin shows us how he fixes a door dent at Buffalo Dent Repair. The vehicle in the shop is a Volkswagen Golf and we get to see the kinds of tools and techniques that are used to get the dent out.

The first thing you will notice is the PDR light and that is the most important tool for any PDR technician. Without the proper lighting, we will never be able to get a dent out 100 percent. Then we see a heat gun which applies a little bit of heat to the damaged area and allows the metal and the paint to move freely without cracking or chipping. In the window, there is a metal window guard which stops the tools from scratching the glass. There is also a wedge to make a little bit more space to get the tools in. And finally, the tool that is used to push on the dent from the inside is “L” shaped and requires multiple pushes to get out a dent of this size.

As you can probably tell, the dent has been completely removed and the entire process tool less than an hour. When compared to a body shop, PDR is significantly quicker and saves the original factory paint job of the vehicle.

You can reach out to us if you have any similar damage or just want a quote on your vehicle. Call us at 716-697-0783 or visit our website at

The main tool used is from PDR Finesse

Here is the video-

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