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GMC Acadia Large Fender Dent

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Today’s at Buffalo Dent Repair, we’ve got a vehicle that came in with a very common story. This GMC Acadia is a lease, and over the course of the lease it became dented. This can be very expensive if you were to return the vehicle as-is. Paintless dent repair can really save the day in these situations. The cost of repair is almost always lower than the charges for damages. We’re going to repair a dent in the fender so that during the lease inspection, no one will know there was ever a dent here.

We take off the molding for better access, only to reveal the full extent of the damage. While it’s more extensive than it looked at first glance, it’s still totally manageable. The front of the fender is caved in, and there are lots of little kinks and dings under the moulding, but once we get in there and smooth it out, it will look good-as-new

. As you can see after the work is done, the fender dent is completely gone, and while there are a few visible waves in the body where the kinks were, this is something that would never be flagged during a lease return. One of the advantages of pointless dent removal is that our techs are experts, not just as fixing dents, but also at finding them. Most people don’t pay very close attention to every square inch of their vehicle’s body and small dents can go unnoticed.

At Buffalo Dent Repair, we’ll find even the smallest little imperfection. If your current lease term is ending soon, call us for an inspection before returning it to avoid unexpected charges. (716) 697 0783

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