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Paintless Dent Repair Chevy Silverado Tailgate Buffalo NY-

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Paintless Dent Repair Chevy Silverado Buffalo NY

In this video we show a dent repair on a Chevy Silverado tailgate. We are able to remove trim pieces to gain access to the backside of the panel. We used tools from

Tailgates are a frequent target for dents. They got a ton of use and abuse over the year, many times resulting in some minor mishaps. Luckily we have the tools and technology to remove most minor dents and dings. With the removal of a few trim pieces, most tailgates have wide open spaces and holes to allow tools into the backside for repair.

In this example we remove both the top cap trim and the backing trim to gain great access to the backside of this dent. Once removed we have plenty of options to get the optimal tool for the repair. In this case the dent was completely removed, including the dent on the body line.

Because the dents were close to the top of the tailgate, we had no issues in getting our tools in and getting rid of the damage. The finished panel looks better than we initially expected and the customer was happy as well.

For any kind of dent repair work or if you want a quote on your vehicle, feel free to call us on 716-697-0783. You can also reach out to us and learn more about our PDR business by visiting our website at

Tools used include-

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