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Cadillac Paintless Dent Repair Buffalo NY-

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Paintless Dent Repair Buffalo NY

In this video we repair a long crease in the rear door of a Cadillac. We are able to repair the damage back to its original condition without any paint, bondo or filler with specialized Paintless Dent Repair techniques.

First we roll the window down, place a metal window guard between the glass and ouster skin, and use a specialized tool to massage the backside of the dent. With many small pushes the metal is reshaped back to its original shape. The final results show no sign of the previous damage or any sign that work had been done top the area.

Traditional body shop/paint repair would involve doing metal work followed by some filler material, then repainting the door along with an adjacent panel, A relatively small dent results in half of the drivers side being repainted, and subsequently a drop in resale value due to loss of original paint. Paintless Dent Repair provides a superior option for many dents.

Tools used include-

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