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Chevy Equinox Large Fender Dent

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Today we’ve got yet another lease return in the form of this Chevy Equinox. We’re going to be saving this customer a decent chunk of change by fixing all of the body damage before the final lease inspection. So we’re going to remove this big dent in the fender. As you can see this is a fairly large 10-12” dent with a crown going straight through the body line.

In order to get all of these high points back down, we need to release the pressure exerted by that crowning. This will let us smooth out the body line and edge, getting everything back to normal. This is going to take a fair amount of work, despite how small the dent may look.

Once we’ve gone through all that, you can see that all visible marks have disappeared, and there’s no evidence that there was ever any damage in the first place. Give us a call before your next lease return at Buffalo Dent Repair (716) 697 0783

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