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Meet the Owner (That's Me)

Hello, my name is Colin McManus and I'm the owner of Buffalo Dent Repair. I was born and raised in Lackawanna, NY and am a proud member of the WNY small business community. I am excited to bring the best quality work and customer service to my hometown everyday, a place where Paintless Dent Repair is largely unknown. Running a Paintless Dent Repair company, like most small businesses, is at times both exciting and challenging. The end result of a finished repair and happy customer always makes the whole thing worth it.

My Paintless Dent Repair journey started while living in Charlotte, NC for college. While working at a large Toyota dealership a hail storm hit the town and damaged nearly every car on the lot. This brought repair companies to town and piqued my interest in the craft. I I became good friends with the technician who serviced the dealership on a weekly basis, and he was able to steer me in the direction of quality information and training. I quickly learned that PDR was a very difficult but in demand trade which rewards those willing to work hard.

A move back home to the Buffalo area was always in the cards and thankfully my then girlfriend, now wife, was also excited to start the new chapter in our lives. Once back in WNY I was able to research the highest quality training and decided on Top Gun PDR based in Sacramento, CA. Being trained by one of the foremost experts in the field allowed me to build a strong base of knowledge, which paired with lots and lots of practice propelled Buffalo Dent Repair to being one of the most trusted PDR companies in the area. We now service many of the largest bodyshops and dealers in WNY and offer the highest quality service to the public.

I have been proud to offer my Paintless Dent Repair service to my hometown area and look forward to servicing it for many more years. I always tell my customers that in a perfect world I don't need to see them (they stay dent free), but when the time comes that you need to have a dent fixed you can be assured that Buffalo Dent Repair is more than just a name in the phone book.

Colin McManus

Owner, Buffalo Dent Repair

Owner Colin McManus and wife Courtney

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